International TranStar

International TranStar


Local Delivery

Best-in-class maneuverability and visibility makes easy work of even the trickiest of deliveries. And with lightweight options available, the TranStar® allows you to maximize your payload along with your profitability.

Regional Haul

When short hauls are your bread and butter, time is your priority. So to keep you on schedule and profitable, the aerodynamic efficiency of the TranStar® delivers increased fuel economy. Meaning less time at the pump and more time on the road.


You may not cover the most ground, but you do handle the biggest loads. With factory installed roll-stability and traction control, you can maximize load capacity without sacrificing maneuverability, durability or fuel efficiency.


Diamond Logic®

Offering nearly 200 available body integration and driver efficiency features, the innovative and customizable Diamond Logic® electrical system maximizes productivity, safety and performance.
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Over-The-Air Programming

Allows two-way engine communication and secure wireless engine reprogramming to optimize the performance of your vehicle, all while reducing service trips and downtime.
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Remote Diagnostics. Reinvented.

The first of its kind, On Command™ Connection keeps you in the now and your fleet on the road with innovative remote diagnostics that relay real-time truck performance monitoring, alerts, health reports and even action plans.
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Turn By Turn.

Whether fighting traffic or navigating narrow streets, every inch matters. Count on the tightest turning radius in the industry, owing to the 107” BBC, a set-back axle and 50-degree wheel cut.

Built To Perform

Stay light. Stay Powerful. Own the road with the Navistar N13 engine, delivering outstanding fuel economy, excellent power characteristics, an exceptionally power characteristics, an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, and high strength without added weight.
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Ride On.

Driving a truck doesn’t have to feel like driving a truck. TranStar® handles like a vehicle half its size thanks to an electronic stability program, dual air brake system, and optional roll stability and traction control.
Driver Satisfaction

A Clear View.

Superior visibility lets you drive with confidence. See where you need to go and how you’re going to get there with a higher seat position, optimally positioned A-pillar and mirrors that deliver outstanding rear and lateral coverage.

Creature Comforts

From short trips to longer routes, stay ahead of your game when behind the wheel. Reduce fatigue with the attentive ergonomic interior design of seat, pedal and instrument placement, all featured in spacious cab.

Enjoy the Silence.

The thoughtful combination of one of the industry’s quietest engines and taper-leaf front suspension cuts down on distraction and frustration by reducing cab noise, vibration and harshness.

Knowledge Is Power.

The first of its kind for commercial trucks, the Android®-based touchscreen vehicle infotainment system, brings real-time vehicle information you want including turn-by-turn navigation, maintenance alerts and available Wi-Fi connectivity.


Air Disc Brakes.

An available option for both front and rear applications, air disc brakes provide shorter, surer stops, better braking feel and more braking power for improved safety. All while offering longer lining and rotor life and requiring less maintenance.

Bendix® Wingman® Advanced®

Combining collision mitigation and stability technologies that are designed to assist drivers in rollover, collision and loss-of-control situations, the available Bendix® Wingman® Advanced system for TranStar® improves safety and provides peace of mind for drivers.

Electronic Stability Control.

Assists in both rollover and vehicle under- and over-steer situations to help maintain a vehicle's lateral stability and steerability. As well as provides drivers with improved safety and greater confidence behind the wheel during heavy and slippery surface braking applications.

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