Truck Sales Representative

Department: Sales
Location: Milwaukee


1. Meet or exceed objectives for new truck deliveries as established by dealership.
2. Communicate with and provide service to all walk in and call in customers.
3. Use all reasonable methods of prospecting for customers on a daily basis either by telephone or by making calls to individuals and businesses outside of the dealership
4. Follow up with and provide ongoing service to existing customers
5. Demonstrate trucks to customers, including test drives.
6. Deliver trucks explaining warranty and service policies.
7. Attend sales and training meetings.
8. Prepare and turn in to Sales Manager outside sales call reports, listing who was called, what units were quoted and units available for sale if applicable.
9. Continually study truck and equipment specifications to improve knowledge of product performance and application.
10. Prospect for customers on a daily basis either by telephone or making in person calls outside the dealership

Skills, Knowledge and/ or Experience Required:
1. Computer Skills
2. Organizational Skills
3. Strong Communication Skills
4. Customer Focused
5. Medium and Heavy duty truck knowledge base
6. Professionalism (Dress, Presentation Skills, Communication)

Educational requirements

College degree or Medium/Heavy duty truck industry equivalent experience


  • Navistar
  • Navistar Capital
  • International Trucks
  • IdeaLease
  • Navistar Parts