Lakeside Financing Philosophy

Smart. Simple. Dependable. And Available. We are working for you.

Smart. Credit lines have limits, which is why successful business owners build long-term relationships with as many finance sources as possible.  Keep your bank credit line free for capital expenditures and emergency cash flow needs.

Simple. We make it easier to walk in and out of our dealership with a new or used truck or trailer product by streamlining the entire process of buying your equipment.  We're straightforward and don't hit you with hidden fees during the life of your loan, because we want you to finance with us again. After all, we're solely dedicated to transportation financing.

Dependable. Most importantly, with 60 years of consistent industry support, you can be sure Navistar Financial will be with you through the cycles and over the long haul.

Available. Lakeside International Trucks is here to serve you. Our Finance Manager can help educate you on any of our finance products, help customize the product that is best for your business and walk you through the entire financing process.

Finance Resources 

Finance Manager
Larry Sellars
(414) 465-1404

Purchase Credit Application

Retail Financing

Also known as debt financing, a retail finance contract allows you to include funding for related equipment and many other costs for purchasing trucks and trailers. When you work with Lakeside International Trucks and Navistar® Financial, you can enjoy simple processing and documentation and straightforward, simple-interest loans.

  • Full payout loans
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Level principal payments
  • Accelerated payments
  • Skip payments for varying cash flow needs of seasonal businesses
  • Balloon financing to preserve cash flow and maintain equity position
  • Fixed Rate Financing
  • Terms up to 72 months
  • Simple documentation
  • Flexible payment: balloon financing, accelerated, seasonal skip, etc.


Trac Lease 

If you want maximum monthly cash flow with a limited initial investment, but still want to retain ownership, then you should consider a TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) Lease. It has a predetermined purchase price at lease end, which makes trade-in more predictable. Eliminate guesswork by paying a fixed amount equal to what the vehicle is predetermined to be worth at the end of your lease.

  • No down payments — only one lease payment typically required in advance
  • Monthly payments are lower than traditional financing to maximize cash flow
  • Can be structured so the equipment doesn’t appear as an asset or liability on balance sheet
  • Generally considered a tax-oriented lease, so you may trade tax benefits for lower payments
  • Ideal if you want to own equipment and bank credit is unavailable or limited or when tax depreciation isn’t a requirement


FMV Lease

If you want to enjoy new equipment without worrying about trade-in values, and you want maximum cash flow, consider an FMV (Fair Market Value) Lease. FMVs are available on new vehicles and recommended when ownership and depreciation benefits are not desired. You aren't responsible for your equipment's residual value at the end of the lease term and will have several choices offering maximum flexibility.*


Municipal Lease

We offer tax-exempt municipal leasing to help the public sector obtain necessary equipment while staying within your budget. With a $100,000 budget, we can help you acquire more vehicles in year one.

For example: a $100,000 budget can purchase two vehicles using cash or it can purchase nine vehicles using a 5-year municipal lease.

  • Low-cost, tax-exempt capital to maximize budget
  • Flexible repayment terms structured to meet your needs
  • No down payment and 100% of cost may be financed
  • Simple documentation speeds completion of transaction
  • No debt is created so voter approval is generally not required
  • Matches expense with useful product life
  • Easier to upgrade financed assets

lease-end options


Buy the truck at its current Fair Market Value and you own it!

Extend the lease

Renew the lease at its current Fair Market Value Rental Payment

Walk away

Return the vehicle within terms & conditions and you have no further obligation


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