HX Series

HX Series

Designed to Outwork and Outlast


Durability, reliability, drivability. To do the job right, you need it all. With the industry’s only available 3.5 million RBM 0.5” huck-bolted single frame, driver-friendly compact hood and set-forward front axle built to tackle stringent axle weight restrictions with optimal maneuverability, the HX™ Series than delivers.


Raise your expectations of what a crane truck can be. Featuring a three-piece sloped Metton hood for greater visibility, DriverFirst™ -inspired cab suspension, and a seamless point-to-point electrical system for easy operation and adaptability, the HX™ Series sets the bar well beyond the reach of competition.

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Designed to ourwork and outlast. Build Yours

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Heavy Haul

Whether moving fresh-cut timber, transporting bulk aggregate or hauling heavy equipment, the HX™ Series is built to carry the load. With the relentless power of the Cummins ISX15 and your choice of double reduction or tridem rear axles up to 70,000 lbs., you know you have the muscle for the job.


The work doesn’t move forward if your job isn’t done. That’s why for mixer configurations, the HX™ Series with its huck-bolted frame and cross members, asymmetrical front spring packs and big bore diesel engine options has been designed, built and proven to bring day-in, day-out durability and reliability to every worksite.


Future Proof.

A seamlessly integrated point-to-point electrical system delivers confident performance and easy operation, all while allowing for future adaptability of remote power modules and use.

Big Bore For Big Jobs.

With horsepower ratings up to 600hp and 2,050 lb-ft. torque, whether you choose the lightweight and smooth Navistar N13 or the relentlessly efficient Cummins ISX15, there's no wrong answer when it comes to getting high performance.

Over-The-Air Programming.

Allows two-way engine communication and secure wireless engine reprogramming to optimize the performance of your vehicle, all while reducing service trips and downtime.

REMOTE Diagnostics. Reinvented.

The first of its kind, OnCommand™ Connection keeps you in the know and your fleet on the road with innovative remote diagnostics that relay real-time truck performance monitoring, alerts, health reports and even action plans.

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At The Ready.

On the job, every day brings new challenges. Fortunately when you bring an HX to work, you're prepared with an available 150,000-lb. capacity center tow pin to provide assured strength to take on an extreme recovery scenario.

Bring Your Best Forward.

The dedicated severe service aluminum cab offers riveted and bonded lap seams for increased strength and easier repair, while an available sloped three-Piece Metton hood is designed to be stronger than fiberglass and resistant to cracking over the life of the truck.

Optimal Maneuverability.

Put performance where you need it. When favorably equipped, the HX Series can achieve an extremely tight turning radius thanks to standard wide-track front axles and an available dual steering gear design, allowing you to maneuver more easily through any worksite.

Relentless Strength.

Proven to minimize movement and wear, the HX™ Series features a huck-bolted frame and cross members on chassis, plus an available lightweight 12.5” x 0.5” single rail option that offers a 3.5 million RBM rating that's unbeatable in its class.

Driver Satisfaction

See The Advantages.

Thanks to a low-angled hood, contoured fenders, ample side glass and a large windshield, the HX Series offers impressive front forward visibility for greater safety and operability.

Work Hard. Look Good.

Let them know you're on the job with a rugged all-metal grille with bright surround, plus available bright grille bars, stainless-clad aluminum bumper, bright cab skirts and choice of bright mirrors with LED accent lights.

Your Needs Top Of Mind.

With our driver-centric design approach, we put performance well within reach with features such as a standard angled center console, LED lighting and our DriverFirst™ cab suspension for a supremely comfortable and quiet ride.


Air Disc Brakes

An available option for both front and rear applications, air disc brakes provide shorter, surer stops, better braking feel and more braking power for improved safety. All while offering longer lining and rotor life and requiring less maintenance.

Electronic Stability Control

Available electronic stability control assures HX® Series vehicles maintain steadiness and steerability during heavy brake applications and braking on slippery surfaces, providing drivers with improved safety and greater confidence behind the wheel.

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